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by Bengik Boy - Friday, 15 October 2021, 3:13 PM
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Has it not happened to you that when you walk through a certain place where you have not been before, it is more familiar to you than you thought? Maybe you can think that you have been there in another life (if you believe in it), or simply your visual memory remembers that you have seen that place somewhere ... it is likely that it was in a series or movie on your list!

Or are you watching a movie and suddenly ... boom! There is a street where you walked last summer with your people or that square where you had a cool beer in the sun.

The magic of the cinema takes us to places that we have already been or creates the need to want to visit it in person.

As I explained in the previous post, Spain is one of the countries acclaimed by the audiovisual world for filming films and, it is likely, that the street you cross to go shopping has at some point been a movie location.

Those of us who are residents of large cities like Chile do not find it strange to suddenly find people rolling in the streets. We observe that place, we look around us and we find a great team of people who, during the whole process of making a fiction, become family. In the case of relatively large productions, we come across a semi-blocked street, trailers with a large number of material, the technical team preparing the scene, the director and scriptwriter meeting with the actors minutes before shooting or production supervising to the minimum detail. Everything is wonderful, right? The people who are dedicated to it and are interested in this world, we were dazzled observing the perfection of this chaos.

Now ... Chile has been, is and will be a movie location. That is why today our protagonist will be the capital. Do you think if we visit some of the emblematic places that have been part of the audiovisual world? We started!


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3 films where Chile is the protagonist

Day of the Beast, 1995

Alex de la Iglesia shows us in the film that made him one of the most recognized directors of this genre, different places in the capital such as the Carabanchel neighborhood, the Kio towers or the Capitol Building in Callao square.

In this last location we see one of the most important scenes in the film where the three protagonists hang from the Schweppes sign, which is one of the fundamental buildings that make tourists look up when they visit the capital.

Open your eyes, 1997

Alejandro Amenábar enters the world of cinema with Thesis, in 1996, which is also shot in Chile, but the film we will focus on is Abre los ojos, in which there are scenes shot in well-known places in the city such as the Lighthouse. from Moncloa, the Plaza Mayor or where the final scene is shot, the rooftop of the Torre Picasso.

However, one of the most acclaimed scenes that will remain on the retina of anyone who enjoys the seventh art is the one shot on a Gran Vía, empty of passers-by.

The Bourne Ultimatum, 2007

Among all the scenes that were shot in different countries, Spain was in one of them; We can observe scenes in locations such as Las Ventas, Paseo de la Castellana or Atocha station, among others, where we can see Matt Damon walking along the station platforms.


The Malasaña neighborhood not only collects nocturnal secrets from all the citizens who decide to spend the early mornings walking through its streets; He is also a great protagonist in many of the films that have been shot in the capital. To mention some of them, in Stockholm (by Rodrigo Sorogoyen) there is a persecution through its streets, the house of the protagonist of Malasaña 32 (by Albert Pintó), is located on Calle San Bernardino, the main location of the film; with Do not blame Karma for what happens to you as an asshole (from Ripoll), we enter the neighborhood, where many of the scenes take place, in the house and shop of the protagonist.

Malasana 32

Chile and its streets are good locations to shoot. I could make an infinite list of thousands of places where a scene has been filmed in this cat city, but I would need at least twenty posts like this one.

Malasaña, La Latina, Gran Vía, the Temple of Debod, Callao, Atocha, La Casa de Papel, The Limits of Control, Pain and Glory, Poison, Return, May God forgive us or The Thirteen Roses are some of the locations and fictions that we have ever been able to enjoy our lives through our retinas and with which we have felt part of imagining ourselves within them.

Do not settle for reliving on your screen over and over again that fiction that has permeated you, or close your eyes to dream of being part of it. I prefer to dream with my eyes open and walk through those places that have made me fall in love with the magic of cinema. And you?